Monday, March 15, 2010

Mish mash

This week, our elementary school is having a "Mother/Son Night". I saw it on the school calendar and said, "ooooo.....a Mother/Son night. How exciting! Let's go. It'll be just like Mother Boy." (If you've seen Arrested Development, you know what Mother Boy is. My boys have seen Arrested Development and so they know what it is.)

Tyler immediately yelled, "NO WAY! I'm NOT interested. It would be too embarrassing."

"Embarrassing?", I said. "It's not like I would be the only mom there. Hello. It's a Mother/Son thing. Everyone will be there with their moms, you creep." Yes, I really did call him a creep.

He said, "I don't care. I DON'T want to go." I tried coaxing him some more. No dice. I told him, "fine. I know Cameron will want to go with me. He loves his mother." I turned to him and said, "how 'bout it? We'll have so much fun together." He thought about it and for a moment it seemed that he wanted to go. He then said, " thanks. It would just be too weird." Punks.


I started P90X this morning. No, my husband didn't force me, or nag me, or anything. I decided to do it all on my own. Trust me, I'm just as surprised as you are. My current workout routine is good, but it's only going to take me so far. If I want more results, I have to do more.

In preparation, I did my fitness test last night and was pretty sure I was going to die. You have to do a heart rate test to measure how it changes from an elevated one, back to resting. In order to elevate your heart rate, you have to do jumping jacks for 2 1/2 minutes. Have you ever tried to do jumping jacks for 2 1/2 minutes? I never have. I've learned that it sucks and it sucks BIG time. Try it and see for yourself.

After torturing myself with the jumping jacks, I watched the first workout ("Chest & Back") to get an idea of what I was in for. "Chest & Back" is about 45 minutes of push ups and pull-ups. I got so nervous/scared while watching it, I literally cried. Cried. But, I did it this morning and I did the whole thing. There were a couple of different kinds of push ups that I was only able to do 2 or 3 of, but I did them. They probably weren't very pretty but, again, I did them and I don't feel that bad right now. However, Ryan tells me that tomorrow is when I'll really be able to feel them and I'll feel horrible. Great.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pretty things

Boob Nazi is having a giveaway. If you leave a comment on her blog, you will be entered to win one of these pieces of jewelry. It's all so pretty. I want one of everything.

Monday, March 1, 2010

It's official

Yesterday, I was released from my calling as Primary President. I've known for about a month and a half that it was coming. My husband was called to be the Elders Quorum President and in our stake, they generally don't like having a husband and wife serve as the President of an organization at the same time. It makes sense.

I served for just over 3 years. Three years that I loved. I worked with 2 amazing counselors, 2 amazing secretaries, countless teachers, and I can't remember how many different music people. ☺ (No, not 2 secretaries at the same time. The first one, who happened to be my sister in law, moved.) They were such a help to me and I love and appreciate all of them. I can't adequately express it in words and so, I'll just have to leave it at that. Just know that I love all of you.

I can't and won't say that I was thrilled when I received the calling. I didn't want to have to be around my children each and every Sunday. I know that sounds harsh, but I thought that they would misbehave if I was in there. I was pretty sure it was going to be terrible. I was wrong. Avery had some adjusting to do when she first came into Sunbeams, but it wasn't terrible. My boys had their sarcastic moments, but they do that to everyone and so I can't complain. I may not have wanted to do it in the beginning, but I wouldn't trade the experience now for anything. I learned so very much. The number one thing being to appreciate the plain and simple truths of the gospel.

I'll miss Primary, but I am truly very excited to see what path I'll be walking down next.