Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11, 1998

   It's been 15 years since Ryan and I were married and it's been nothing but rainbows and butterflies for him ever since.  I love him.  I need him.  He's my everything and here's why:
  • He's honorable.
  • He's loyal.
  • He's giving.
  • He's always thinking of me.
  • He's loving.
  • He's a hard worker.
  • He has a sense of humor.  (Yes, I can find it irritating and exasperating, but I still love him for it.)
  • He's forgiving.
  • He has a hard time saying he's sorry when he's done something wrong, but he's working on it and that means:
  • He's very goal and task oriented.  He's always thinking of and working on ways to improve.
  • He's supportive and encouraging.
  • He's talented.
  • He's a wonderful father.
  • He's spiritual.
  • And all of these things make him a wonderful example to his children.
I love you Ryan.  Thank you for the last 15 years and here's to 15 + infinity more.