Saturday, June 26, 2010

Maybe I lack compassion

I can't stand when people wander through grocery store parking lots asking for money. I especially hate when they ambush you as you're loading your groceries into your car. You're focused on what you're doing and not really paying attention to what's going on around you. When, WHAM, someone suddenly appears and you hear, "excuse me miss. Do you have some change I can have?" It's usually followed by something like, "I'm all out of gas and I need to get to ___________. " (Fill in the blank.)

It's even worse to be ambushed in this way when you have 4 kids in tow. Kids you're yelling at to stop running around the parking lot and get in the car. Stop fighting. Leave each other alone and just put your seat belts on. No, you can't have your candy bar until we get home. Just be patient and wait. Fine just give me 2 minutes to get the rest of this stuff in the car and then I'll look for your stupid candy bar. I don't care if you want it now, you have to wait. Fine if you can't wait, you can't have it at all. It's mine now.

Anyway, I don't like it. I very rarely give anything because to me, it very rarely seems genuine. Most I have encountered have seemed so casual/comfortable, dare I say rehearsed, I immediately say I have no cash and turn away.

Once, while in the parking lot of Costco, a woman came up to me and said she had discovered she was out of gas. She said she had just spent the last of her money in Costco and now didn't know how she was going to get home. She made sure to tell me that she had no money in her checking account and so her debit card wouldn't work. She didn't have credit cards she could use either. She seemed highly embarrassed and was a little weepy. I almost gave in to my snarky impulse and told her she should go return something she had just bought to get the money she needed for gas. I mean really, she knew how much gas and money she had when she left her house. It wasn't my fault that she had driven too far and spent all of her money before putting in more gas. But...I didn't do that. I gave her the 2 or 3 dollars I had in my pocket. She thanked me profusely and moved on to the next person. I don't know why I gave it to her, but I haven't given anything since that time.

I don't know why I find this so irritating, but I do. I guess I'm so annoyed about it right now because I've witnessed it happening on 3 separate occasions this week alone. I know I could and should be more compassionate. I'm working on it. I know that this post is very rambly and unnecessary, but I just needed vent. And that's all I have to say about that. The end.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's a good thing I think he's cute

Because he's seriously naughty. (Being so darn cute and yes, he knows he's cute, saves him. A lot.) Not mean and destructive naughty. Mischievous naughty. He's taken the terrible 2's to a whole other level. A level I've never experienced with 3 previous children. He's giving me a run for my money. I ♥ him!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm Happy

I took my body measurements last night. I'm happy with the results. I know they could be better if I had just worked a little harder, but I had a few interruptions during my 90 days. My interruptions threw off the momentum a bit. They didn't totally mess me up, but I know that I would have slightly better results if they hadn't happened. I don't want to have excuses, but it's reality. I had 2 vacations, one bout of bronchitis and one of strep throat (just last week) that kind of threw off my continuity. I did all but 3 of the workouts because of the sickies and made up the days missed because of vacations.

My Results:

Weight lost: 13.4 lbs.

Body fat % lost: 3.9% (I do wish this one was lower because believe me, I have fat to spare. This just tells me I need to be far more diligent and disciplined with my diet.)

Chest: 1/2 in. lost

Waist: 1 1/2 in. lost

Hips: 1 3/4 in. lost

Right thigh: 1 in. lost

Left thigh: 1 in. lost

Right arm: 1/4 in. gained

Left arm: 1/4 in. gained

You may remember (I'm assuming here that people read this) that I lost weight and inches about a year ago when I did Slim in 6. I think I gained back about 5-8 pounds during my little workout hiatus. Also known as a period in which I was super lazy. So, I lost that weight plus a bit more. Fortunately, I didn't really gain back any of the inches I lost last year. Hooray! That means these inches are extras. Looking at the total of inches lost, it doesn't look like a whole ton. And it really isn't.'s a good start. I know I can and will do better my next go around. I'm looking forward to it.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Round 1 Completed

I've finished 12 weeks of P90X. I haven't done my final measurements or fitness test yet as I had a mother of a headache last night. I didn't want to do anything but lay on my bed and feel sorry for myself. I'll do those tonight with Ryan because it's impossible to do a chest measurement on your own. I know I shrunk, I just don't know by how much.

I'm doing a recovery week this week and then I'll jump back in again next Monday. I'm planning on being a P90Xer for life. Wow. That sounded really dorky.


Because I was busy wallowing is headache land self-pity, I didn't get around to saying anything about Ryan yesterday. You know, Father's Day. So, a few bullet points to make up for it:

  • I think you are incredibly handsome. In fact, I think you get better looking with each passing year. I love that you're getting gray hairs. I happen to have a thing for gray haired men. I know, it's weird.
  • Your butt looks really good in the pants I gave you. (Yes, I am doing my level best to finally illicit a comment/response from him about my blog.)
  • You are a good friend to so many people.
  • You're giving of your time, talents, energy, etc. You're willing to do whatever it takes.
  • You have a great sense of humor.
  • You love me.


I want to say congratulations to my brother David & his wife, Adriana. They shared the wonderful news yesterday that they are expecting their first baby. Baby Mackay is due to arrive in February. I'm so happy for you both!