Wednesday, January 19, 2011


(I know I'm not the first person to make this observation and I'm sure there have been scientific studies done on this, but I'm feeling too lazy to research (google) it.)

Have you ever noticed how every individual on this planet has their own smell? And each is very distinctly their own. I've always associated individuals with their smells. When I catch a whiff of something that reminds me of a person, my mind immediately goes to memories of them. They're not always super pleasant, but they're there. ☺ It's the same with "places". You know, houses and such. ("And such" is a phrase that Cameron has been using quite a bit. He ends most of his sentences with it.) My grandparents houses always smelled the same. I don't ever come across the exact scents, because nothing can ever replicate the real thing, but anything that comes close takes me right there. I'm a very sensory person.

My husband, Ryan, has a smell that is distinctly "Ryan" and it's the same smell every day. Except, when he goes to Idaho. He comes home smelling very different after being in Idaho. I wonder why that is. Something in the air? The water?

My kids all smell different to me. Their clothes are washed together using the same soap, fabric softener & dryer sheets. They bathe in the same water (not the same water, but it comes from the same faucet) and use the same bath soap & shampoo. They live in the same house and yet, they all have their own scent.

Anyway, this is a silly subject, but it's been running through my mind and it's just fascinating to me. I know, I'm deep.


On another, totally unrelated subject. I got sick yesterday afternoon and spent the rest of the day and night in my bed. (Maybe that's the reason for the deep thoughts above. I had waaaaay too much time to think.) Waaaaaa, poor me. I was feeling tired all morning and then at around 2:00 it was like I got hit by a truck. I had a fever, headache, body aches & chills. It came on so hard and fast it totally caught me off guard. It wasn't fun because I especially hate having fevers. I get really weepy when I have one, for some strange reason.

I laid in my bed moaning and groaning & hating life until about 10:00 when I suddenly thought, "duh! You have NyQuil! Go take it and you'll get some sleep". I did and I did get some "sleep", but it wasn't terribly restful. I could feel my head pounding all.night.long. I hate that feeling. You know you're sleeping, but feeling the headache makes it seem like you're awake. I've taken some Excedrin and it's finally starting to kick in. I don't feel great, but I no longer have a fever. So, that's a bonus. I don't feel like bawling my eyes out now.