Thursday, December 24, 2009

Finally done

I finally finished my Christmas shopping yesterday. I thought I was done and then Ryan had to say to me, "well, did you get this and this and this?" No I did not get this and this and this. So, back to a store I went. A kind neighbor (thanks again if you're reading this) watched my kids for me. It made the ordeal much easier.

I was a little lazy with my treat giving this year. I gave chocolate chip cookie bars. Except, I didn't give the actual bars. I gave the ingredients and the recipe to make them. I had every intention of baking them myself until I realized I didn't actually want to bake.

I didn't get my Christmas cards mailed either. I figure if they get sent and received before the end of the year, it will still be during the holiday season and that's good enough. (That's my self-justification. It makes me feel better about being lazy.)