Monday, April 12, 2010

A little of this and a little of that

I'm still doing P90X. Pretend that's the reason I've been neglecting my blog. Let's say that I've been so focused on getting ripped *snort*, I haven't had time to spew out my usual dribble here. Yes, let's say that.

The first 2 weeks of P90X were butt kickers. I didn't even do the entire 2nd week, but not because I gave up. We went to St. George, Utah during that week and I had every intention of doing the workouts while there, but it just didn't happen. So, I decided to repeat it. Technically, I should be starting my 5th week today, but I'm calling it my 4th. It's the "recovery" week, but there's no rest and relaxation involved. You recover by doing two days of yoga instead of one. There's also Kenpo karate and core work in there. The only thing about it that could be considered easier is the fact that you aren't lifting weights, doing pull-ups or push-ups. By the way, I've gone from doing 2 or 3 of certain push-ups, to now doing about 10. That's right. I'm bad.

Do I dare say I enjoy it? I think I do dare to say that. It really isn't as horrible as I thought it would be. Wait, what!?


I can't keep clothes on Peyton anymore. Finding him stripped down to just a diaper, or totally butt naked is now a common occurrence. He prefers to let his goods flap freely in the wind. He fights me when I try to dress him. He screams, "I NOT COLD!" Or, "I NOT NEED TO GET DRESSED!" I think the only way I'll be able to keep him dressed all day, will be to keep him in footed pajamas with the zipper safety pinned closed. Unfortunately, I think he would find a way to get out them.


Avery told me for a couple of weeks before Easter that I needed to get "repaired" (prepared) for it. She's also been saying that she can't wait until she's eight and can be "bathtized" (baptized). She refuses to stop saying "muse" for use. She's also been an ultra brat lately. We were shopping last week and she found some stupid stuffed animal she wanted me to buy for her. I told her no because the last thing she needs is another stuffed animal. She started throwing a fit. I told her to knock it off and she said, "no! Here's the deal: I'm going to keep acting like a brat until you get sick of it and get me what I want. When I get what I want, I'll be nice." My blood pressure shot up so high, my head nearly exploded. I'm also pretty sure I cracked a couple of teeth because I clenched them so hard to keep myself from screaming.


I think that's all I have for now.


Kristina P. said...

Good for you for sticking with it! I wouldn't even start it.

Jillene said...

Maybe once my stupid back starts feeling better I might just try it. I know that Matt has all of the stuff for it. Stupid back.

I just adore Peyton. And I can TOTALLY hear him saying that in his cute little voice.

O has moments like that. She like to tell me "duh" all of the time. She's lucky that I can semi-control my temper.

Kristen said...

Oh Avery is a bugger, I didn't even laugh out loud at that like I usually do when I read about her but I did chuckle. Mostly because I have been feeling the brattiness myself with Wyatt and Landen.

On another note... way to go for doing P90X! Wahoo, you are rockin it! Hooray! One day I might try it but I need to do the slim in 6 first. P90X scares me.

The Boob Nazi said...

P90X sounds like too much work to me!

Just SO said...

P90x scares me.

And if my kid did that about a stuffed animal we would then go home and pick out 5 stuffed animals that needed to go to children who didn't act like brats. Truly.

Christa said...

Shanna, that's an awesome idea. She lost some privleges and was pretty mad about it, but I'm sure it made little to no impression. I'm trying something like that the next time. It makes me feel like a crappy parent when she acts that way.

Jo said...

Let me guess, is Avery four?

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