Monday, December 13, 2010


Today, I'm very grateful for the kindness shown to me by a few strangers. I did a little shopping at Costco and came out to find a I had a flat tire. Of course, I had forgotten my phone at home and I knew that I had because the fact had occurred to me while on the way there. I had hesitated while driving, thought about going back, but decided I probably wouldn't need it. Guess I was wrong. ☺

I was a little worried about what I was going to do, but then a kind man came along and allowed me to use his phone so I could call Ryan. Of course, he (Ryan) was nowhere near me and wouldn't be able to get there for quite some time. He suggested that I try the tire center there. I thought that was a good idea and felt a little silly for not thinking of it myself since I was looking right at it when I called him. I thanked the man for the use of the phone and he offered to help me change the tire. I told him I would be fine, I was going to try the tire center.

The tire was too flat to drive on and so I walked back inside. I told the kind man inside the store my situation and he offered to come out and change the tire for me. While I was waiting for him at my car, two other men who were passing by offered to help. I thanked them for stopping, but was so happy to be able to tell them the situation was under control.

What would have taken me an hour on my own, took the tire center guy less than 10 minutes. Once changed, he had me drive over to the tire center bays and he checked my air pressure in all the tires. They were all quite low and so he filled them.

I'm so glad that I came across all of these very nice men and that they made what could have been a very stressful situation, barely a hiccup in my day.

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