Friday, February 4, 2011

I came to my senses

I went to the hospital to meet my beautiful new niece this morning. I'm done having kids, but I will admit that holding and smelling a cute little newborn does kind of stir up some baby cravings in me. Holding a newborn makes me start to think that it really wouldn't be a big deal to go from 4 to 5 kids. Because really, once you have more than 2 & can handle it, 2 or 3 more really don't matter. So, I walked out thinking about all the fun a baby is & that I really should reconsider my position on having another. Then, Peyton started throwing a fit because he didn'twant to leave. HE WANTED TO RIDE IN THE ELEVATOR AGAIN!!!! He tried to run away and then laid down on the ground in front of an oncoming car to thwart my attempt to pick him up. He climbed through a planting bed and sat on the curb on the other side. He just waved goodbye and shrugged when I told him I was going and that I would leave him there if he didn't get in the car. He didn't even flinch when I started it and started to back out. He kicked and screamed when I got out and drug him over to the car. He fought me and went rigid when I tried to put him in his car seat. He told me I'm mean to not let him stay. He also told me that he doesn't want to go anywhere with me. HE WANTS TO STAY AT THE HOSPITAL BECAUSE THE ELEVATOR IS FUN!!! That's when I came to my senses and remembered why I'm done having kids. I also remembered that I need to get him enrolled in preschool so that I can get a little break from him. ☺ He's like 5 kids all rolled into one. I remembered that I'm perfectly happy and content with my family just like it is. I'll just cuddle and sniff all the new babies coming into my family this year to get my new baby fix. Peyton is an excellent from of birth control.


David said...

Yes, I can understand you not wanting another Peyton, if your days are like that! :D

Rosie and Derek said...

Ha ha, yes I guess that would make it much easier to not want another baby! I took for granted the freedom I had with my kids being older. Now having a baby again I feel pretty tied down and I don't seem to get a whole lot done. At least I know it gets easier (in some ways anyway).