Thursday, November 5, 2009


Happy 60th Birthday to my Dad! Although we won't be having the surprise party of your dreams tonight, we'll all live it up on Saturday. There might even be some dreaded black decorations involved. You just try and stop us. ☺

I love you dad and appreciate you so very much. Thanks for being such a great dad to me. And I guess those other two, but I still contend that I was the only necessary one. You could have stopped at me and been just fine.


I was moderately successful with my FJ1W goal for last week. I got a little stressed a couple of times, but no major freak outs. My kids took full advantage of the fact that I was trying to not sweat stuff like messes. They wanted me to take it "easy" and ignore them and more importantly, not make them clean at all. Well, I'm sorry, but it's hard to ignore an entire Malt 'O Meal bag of Captain Crunch that has been dumped onto the family room floor. That's something that kind of needs to be cleaned up. It's also not right leaving dirty underwear, socks, pants, shirts and shoes on the floor of the bathroom. It has to go to the laundry room, otherwise the pile would reach the ceiling by the end of the week. So, a little cleaning up had to take place. Tyler tried to convince me on Monday of this week that I said I was going to be easy going for the rest of my life and not just for one week. Nice try buddy. We're mostly back to our regularly scheduled programming. I'm just going to try to be less shrew like from now on. Not more slob like.


What's on the menu today: Golden Mushroom Pork & Apples.