Friday, March 18, 2011


Peyton is finally feeling better and has his old life back. ☺ At around 6:00 pm yesterday, he decided that eating food was good and after doing it, started running and playing and causing his usual mischief. Thank goodness too! Running a fever for four days and feeling blah is just as hard on the mom as it is the kid.


I have to have surgery next Wednesday to correct problems created by four pregnancies. It's no big deal, just outpatient and my doctor says I should be feeling just fine by the time the weekend is over. I'm glad for that because I don't do well with down time. I especially don't do well with overnight hospital stays. In for the procedure and out the same day suits me just fine.

In order to have the surgery we needed to be absolutely sure we were done having children. Otherwise, the correction I'm having done could possibly be for nothing and I would have to do it and even more later. Now, even though I knew we were done, having someone tell me that I need to be done was kind of annoying to me. I have too much of a stick it to the man attitude about well, pretty much everything. I'm really mature like that and will usually do the opposite of what someone tells me to do. It's my silly way of resisting what I perceive as an attempt to control me. Even when there is no "let's control Christa and tell her and make her do only what we want her to do". Even when what I'm being told is so obviously for my own good. I really need to get over it and I did for this issue. So, I will be having a procedure done to ensure that there will only be 4 mini Ryan's running around this house. It's a big deal that feels happy/exciting/bittersweet all at the same time. It means that we really are moving into a new phase of our lives. We're done making new babies and will now see where the ones we have will take us.


Rosie and Derek said...

I'm sure it feels a little bittersweet knowing that you're done for sure. But I really loved that little window when there weren't any kids home during the day and I could actually get something done. And grocery shopping without kids in tow? Heaven!

Erin said...

Good luck with your procedure. And I'm glad Peyton is finally feeling better!

Rebecca: said...

It's a good phase. You'll like it. :)