Friday, July 15, 2011

My Jerk Dog

My dog still loves me the best and while I do kind of secretly like it because it is a little fun (it bugs the crap out of Tyler), it does get old. I don't get a lot of breathing room when he's around. He follows me everywhere. (I'm trying to force him to stay around the kids once in a while. I have them put his leash on him and hold onto it so he HAS to stay in the same room as them. It's helping a little. Baby steps.) The minute I make any sort of movement that might indicate I'm leaving a room, he's up on his feet and ready to follow. (I'm a jerk and will sometimes stand up and then sit right back down. Just to see what he'll do. Hey, I've never claimed to be nice. ☺) He still waits for me outside the bathroom door. He's always lying right under my feet while I'm making food. He watches me while I do laundry. He likes to lie across my feet while I'm at my computer desk. (I have to admit, that one is kind of sweet.) And all of those things are okay and relatively easy to deal with, but he's taking it a step further now. He's decided that he can't eat unless I'm standing in the room. (We keep his dish in the kitchen.) Now, that just goes beyond all that's reasonable for me. I don't have the time (or desire) to sit and watch him each time he eats. I've been trying to break him of it by having the kids do the same thing they do to keep him around them. They put his leash on so he can't run away from them, then they start to hand feed him. It's been taking a lot of coaxing and doesn't always work, but we're going to continue with it come heck or high water. Again, baby steps. I refuse to be present for every single one of his meals. It's just too ridiculous!


Rebecca: said...

Uh oh. Don't start hand feeding him! When he gets hungry enough, he'll eat whether you're in the room or not. Trust me.

Christa said...

Don't worry! We aren't hand feeding him constantly. ☺ I just have the kids take it out of the bowl to remind him it's there, that he can eat it even if I'm not in the room, make him take a few bites and then let him eat the rest of it out of the bowl on his own. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. If he won't do it after a couple of minutes, I have them stop trying. There have been a couple of days where I haven't bothered to do a thing and then he's been hungry enough to eat on his own. It may have been after 10 at night and the last time he ate may have been way more than 24 hours previously, but he did finally do it. ☺