Tuesday, December 4, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness & What I've Learned (So far)

   I posted on facebook something I was grateful for everyday during November.  (This is last year's list.)  Doing it is such a great exercise.  It gives me perspective.  It gives me hope.  It reminds me of how blessed I am.  Just like last year, some of the things are silly and most are very specific to that particular day.  So, here's my list for 2012:

  • November 1st:  I'm thankful for Tylenol P.M.
  • November 2nd:  I'm thankful for the beautiful colors of Fall.
  • November 3rd:  I'm thankful for hobbies.  Especially when they can distract my racing mind. 
  • November 4th:  I'm thankful for the "extra hour" I have today.  It's making me feel like I'm getting everything done early.
  • November 5th:  I'm thankful for long weekends, but I'm also thankful for the Monday after a long one because the kids can go back to school.
  • November 6th:  I'm thankful for a relatively good and sound night of sleep.
  • November 7th:  I'm thankful for my beautiful children.  Even on the days, like yesterday and today, they make me crazy.  Avery left some shoes outside Monday night & Cameron did last night.  They were both upset when the shoes were wet in the morning and they couldn't wear them.  But guess who they blamed for the shoes being outside?  That's right, me.  Kid logic never ceases to amaze me.  It's a good thing I love them.
  • November 8th:  I'm thankful for those moments when you wake up in the middle of the night and you think it's time to get up, but then you look at the clock and discover you still have hours left to sleep.  Those moments are the best.
  • November 9th:  I'm thankful for my brothers.
  • November 10th:  I'm thankful for my parents.
  • November 11th:  I'm thankful for warm blankets on cold nights and I'm thankful for a hot breakfast in the morning.
  • November 12th:  I'm thankful for Ryan's comfy, long sleeve t-shirts.
  • November 13th:  I'm thankful for the 30, or so, seconds after I finish cleaning my house, where my house stays clean before my family gets back to the business of messing it up.
  • November 14th:  I'm thankful for my husband.  I love him.  Like, a whole bunch.
  • November 15th:  I'm thankful I'm surrounded by such beautiful mountains.
  • November 16th:  I'm thankful for friends.
  • November 17th:  I'm thankful for uplifting words and music.
  • November 18th:  I'm thankful for dates with my husband.
  • November 19th:  I'm thankful for medical professionals.
  • November 20th:  I'm thankful for all the ways I have available to me to stay connected to the world.
  • November 21st:  I'm thankful for the convenience of grocery stores.  P.S. I'm also thankful for good convenience foods and headache medicines.
  • November 22nd:  I'm thankful there's always room for improvement.  Happy Thanksgiving!
  • November 23rd:  I'm thankful for cinnamon rolls.
  • November 24th:  I'm thankful for my washer, dryer, iron & ironing board.
  • November 25th:  I'm thankful for the moments when I can find beauty in unexpected and even downright strange places.  The diffused light that was coming in through the closed blinds of my office window looked peaceful, serene and just downright pretty this morning.
  • November 26th:  I'm thankful that even on days I feel like a grump, all I have to do is look around me to see all the ways I am blessed and it can help to pull me out of a bad mood.  I'm very fortunate to have all I do and I should never take my life for granted.
  • November 27th:  I'm thankful for Peyton's preschool.  I'm also thankful there was a teacher around to drag his kicking, screaming, ridiculous fit throwing little self into the school this morning.  Sometimes, that boy is such a monster.
  • November 28th:  I'm thankful for the stars.  They were twinkling, sparkly and pretty when I put the dog out this morning.
  • November 29th:  I'm thankful for health insurance?  And, yes, the question mark is there on purpose.  We had fantastic insurance for years and now we have some that, in my humble opinion, is just sort of so-so, but at least we have some.  Something is better than nothing.
  • November 30th:  I'm thankful for Christmas decorations.  I'm really thankful that I have a pre-lit artificial tree that saves me lots of time.  And even thought it's artificial, it's still pretty to look at.
  • December 2nd:  (One more for good measure!)  I'm very thankful I was able to send Cameron & Avery to school this morning.  They woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  I'm also thankful for my vacuum cleaner and Pledge.
I recently celebrated my 37th birthday.  I'm so happy to be an odd number age again.  :)  I thought I should jot down some thoughts like this and this again.  So, at 37 years old:

I've learned that having a thankful heart is absolutely vital and is directly related to whether or not you have a happy life.  You can become pretty miserable, pretty quickly if you always focus on the have nots.  Recognizing our blessings turns our hearts to Jesus Christ and that automatically turns us to love.  Love for life, family, ourselves and most importantly, others.  

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