Wednesday, November 10, 2010

To simply say he "loves" this would be an understatement

Peyton has watched this movie approximately 50,000,008 times since we bought it on November 2nd. He's totally enthralled with it and would watch it over and over and over and over with no breaks in between, if I would let him. It's so darn cute watching him watch it, I almost let him. When he wants to watch it, he has a routine he likes to go through. He has to gather up all of his Toy Story toys (and he has most of the characters, so that's a lot of toys), his pillow and his blanket, get situated on the couch, order me to turn it on, sit back, relax and watch. He's good to go indefinitely.

A couple of days ago, he picked up Woody & Buzz as the movie was starting and said, "Oh, HEY! This movie is about you guys!" He then turned them to the screen so they could watch with him. Can you say cute?

He loves to sing "You've Got a Friend in Me". His version is slightly different then the original. It goes something like this, "you've got a frenemy! You've got a frenemy!" Repeat that over and over. He doesn't really know the rest of the lyrics. I've never bothered to correct him, because haven't we all had a frenemy at one time in our lives? ☺

I know he's going to love the movie just as much on his 100,000,008th viewing as he does today and I really just think that's wonderful.

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Laurel said...

LOL a frenemy :) so cute!