Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I don't want to do it, but I have too

Because Peyton won't keep his clothes or diaper on, I've decided to start potty training him. If he would just keep his clothes on, I wouldn't be starting. I think potty training is the most pure form of evil and was hoping to avoid doing it with him. My thought was to just let him do it himself. You know, when he was ready. Because that can happen. Right?

I bought some Pull-ups (for the days when I get sick of dealing with accidents), underwear of his choosing and a Buzz Lightyear costume as incentive. The idea with the costume is that he has to keep Buzz dry, or Buzz will get very sad. I'll probably try some sort of candy trick too. I'm sure it's going to be easy peasy. Uh-huh. If he follows the same timeline as his brothers, he'll be fully potty trained in about a year.

I'm scared.


warrhouse said...

I completely agree! Potty training is THE WORST THING EVER!!!! Good luck!

Dan and Dionne said...

Good Luck! The last of my children is potty trained and it is a relief knowing I won't have to buy diapers. I have heard for little boys if you put marshmellows in the toilet and have them hit the marshmellow that it is fun because they turn yellow. I find it incredibly disgusting but I am not a boy.

Christa said...

Dionne - I'll have to try that one. I have an uncle who would take his boys outside and tell them that they had to make some mud (pee) when they were potty training. It worked. They would say "I need to go make some mud" whenever they had to go to the bathroom. I don't know if I'm brave enough to try that one. ☺