Thursday, March 19, 2009

Maybe I was a little too harsh

I know that every generation has it's own styles and trends. Maybe I was a little too harsh on the Emo kids. Especially when these were some of my style/fashion icons when growing up.

What little girl didn't want to be as cool and colorful as Punky? No one. If they didn't they were stupid.
My high school years were highly influenced by the grunge movement. (I've just dated myself.) I rocked my Dr. Martens along with everyone else. I was pretty sure I was going to move to Seattle and date a musician after graduation.

I was going to wear this dress to my own prom, or least make my bridesmaids wear it when I got married.

So, maybe I shouldn't judge the Emo movement so harshly. It makes me sound like a fuddy duddy. To each his own.
Nah! Boys in tight girl pants that don't cover their butts are disgusting no matter how you slice it.