Friday, June 3, 2011


  • Sometimes, Peyton doesn't wake up before his brothers and sister go to school. It doesn't happen very often, just once in a while. On the days when he stays asleep, I'll steal quietly back to my bed, get comfy and cover my head with a pillow. I love completely shutting out the world and creating a quite little cocoon. It usually doesn't last long, 20-30 minutes max, but those few minutes of quiet thinking are so nice.
  • Sometimes, I don't feel especially cute.
  • Sometimes, I think I look okay.
  • Sometimes, I really think I'm failing at the "mother" thing and worry I'm warping my kids horribly and irreversibly.
  • Sometimes, I feel like I'm doing a pretty darn good job being a mom. I feel like I'm hitting all the right notes and that everything will be just fine.
  • Sometimes, I want to ignore dusting the furniture and so...
  • Sometimes, I do. ☺ (Usually, it's not for very long. Like, a week and a half. Tops!)
  • Sometimes, I really love cooking.
  • Sometimes, I can't stand it and couldn't care less if we ate cereal, or crackers for dinner. Just as long as I don't have to cook it.
  • Sometimes, I want my kids to stay young forever.
  • Sometimes, I can't wait until they grow up.
  • Sometimes, I wish I could be a little more outgoing.
  • Sometimes, I can be and that...
  • Sometimes, makes me think that I can be fun. I hope so. ☺


Erin said...

You dust your furniture? Do you mean, like your tv stand? I finally dusted mine yesterday after, um, three weeks. Gross, I know.

We all definitely have days where we see things as half full, and days where we see things as half empty. My goal is to see just a few more days with a half full glass than a half empty one! :)

Rebecca: said...

You ARE fun! And a great mom! And a great cook! And you dress so darn cute!