Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Two Birds with One Post

(If I could, I would upload some pictures to go along with this post. Blogger, unfortunately, is being a piece of poop and keeps freezing when I try to do it. You can see the pictures that apply to this on facebook. Blogger also won't allow me to do a spellcheck, or publish by clicking on the "publish post" button and a few other things I can't remember right this moment. Has anyone else been having crazy issues with it, or am I the only one?)

It's now been 10 days since Peyton smacked his mouth on Cameron's forehead while they were jumping together on the trampoline. Peyton lost 2 teeth instantly. Ryan found one of them sitting in the middle of the trampoline, but couldn't find the other. We think it was most likely swallowed. I never did check his ummm...poop to make sure that it came out. I'm just going to assume that it did. ☺ The one that we did find, came out root and all. It was the same as if a dentist had extracted it.

Ryan heard the immediate screams when it happened. Cameron came inside right away and had blood running down his forehead. I took him into the bathroom while Ryan ran outside to check on Peyton. He carried him in the house and said, "he's missing teeth!". I immediately swore and then started to cry. (Cameron had to have a tooth pulled when he was 3 because he broke it and it then abscessed. He was toothless for about 3 years. I was crying over history repeating itself. Cameron remarked that at least it wasn't a broken arm or leg. I told him I would rather it was something like that because a broken bone can be fixed in about a month. I had to remind him what it was like when his tooth was gone and how long it took for it to come back. Oh, yeah.) Peyton cried for about 1 minute, maybe 2 at the most and then started to push me away and tell me he was just fine. He told me he wanted to go back out to play and was actually more upset when I told him he was done playing.

Peyton's gums are healing up nicely and Cameron's forehead is, too. Cameron's going to have 3, small, tooth shaped scars that will most likely fade to almost nothing. Peyton is going to be toothless for at least 2-3 years. My dentist told me that his baby teeth being gone might possibly speed up the arrival of his permanent teeth. Instead of having to wait until he's 6 or 7 to lose the baby teeth and have the permanent teeth come in, he may only have to wait until he's 5 or 6. He'll be 4 in September, so....guess we'll wait and see.

Now on to part two of this post: we are now a dog owning family. Our neighbors gave us their one year old male Pug. They first offered him to us a little more than a month ago. I said yes immediately because I had been thinking for some time that a pet would be just the thing to teach the kids some responsibility. It took some convincing to get Ryan on board.

He's a really good dog who is house (kennel) trained and will sleep in his kennel all night, not aggressive and good with kids. (He is a shedding fool, but it's nothing that brushing him and a daily vacuum of the house can't control. I'm a vacuuming fool and do it daily, anyway. So, it's not a big deal.) The kids love him and Ryan is tolerating him very well. The only fault he has.....he will only listen to me. He follows me everywhere. Wherever I go, there will be Rigby also. My idea that a dog would teach the kids responsibility has kind of backfired. They do try to make him obey, but he just sits and stares at them. Or, calmly walks away and comes to find me. We're working on it. In the meantime, I now have another individual who sits outside the bathroom, waiting for me to come out. Great.


Christa said...

Okay, so it actually let me publish by clicking on the button, but the spacing between paragraphs is all wacky. I would really like to know why Blogger is being such a pain.

Cozy said...

I think dogs easily recognize the authority of mom in a household. As Cesar Millan might say, you are the pack leader. I have seen it over and over again.

Glad the kids are okay and congrats on the new dog.

Christa said...

Cozy - I think you're right. Thanks for stopping by!