Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Things I Learned While Watching My Wedding Movie With My Kids

Last night, Avery was looking at the wedding pictures of Ryan and myself that are hanging on our living room wall. She asked things like: what it was like that day? Did I have fun? Am I happy that I'm still married to her dad? (Of course!) She asked several times if I knew I was going to have a little girl like her. (No, but I told her I hoped that I would. She ate that right up, of course. ☺) She said she couldn't wait until she got married. (Please! Not for a very loooooong time.) Finally, she asked if we could watch the actual movie so she could see it all in action. I learned a few things watching with her.

1. She thinks it's very gross to see Ryan & I kiss. (Strange coming from a girl who says she can't wait to get married and kiss her husband. ☺)
2. She thinks Ryan and I don't look anything like we did when we got married. We look waaaaay older.
3. She thought it was totally weird that two of her dad's sisters were so young when we got married. I think she actually said it was "creepy".
4. She thought it was sooooo sweet when Ryan touched my face to brush something away. She asked me, "did you just loooove that he did that!?".

Other observations I made:

1. "Jumper" style dresses were extremely popular in 1998. I think I counted at least 6 women wearing one at our luncheon. Me included.
2. Ryan and I do look different. Although, I wouldn't say that we look waaaaaaay older.
3. Now, I did say that Ryan does look different, but only because he has a goatee now. Other than that fact, he pretty much looks the same. Well, he's maybe gained 5-10 pounds since that day. Me on the other hand....
4. The only thing that looks the same about me is my haircolor.
5. I've come to the conclusion that I don't ever want to have my hair as short as it was then, ever again.
6. I would marry him all over again. ♥

Oh, the memories! It was fun to relive that day.

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Erin said...

How cute! Our wedding video is on a format that we currently can't watch. We should get it changed to DVD so we can see how much younger we looked then.