Friday, July 11, 2008

I forgot my goals

I forgot to list my 3 goals:

1. To get my stupid feet to stop cramping when I run. Ryan was very kind to find and force me to look at some exercises to help strengthen my ankles. (I say "force" because that goes back to my knee jerk reaction when he tells me something. If the exercises were my idea and some I had found, wait let's be honest I probably still wouldn't do them. I suppose I'm glad he forced me.) Apparently, one of the causes of the cramps in my arches could possibly be that I have weak ankles.
2. Be patient. Yell less. Listen more. Bite my tongue more often. Appreciate what I have. Say thank you often. Remember to compliment my children and be grateful for what they can do. Be patient. Good things come to those who wait. Remember to say "I'm sorry". Be better about planning out menus. Be patient. Try to grow my brain (learn lots, remember more) so that people will say, "Look at the big brain on Christa." Be patient.
3. Lose some more weight. I like buying new clothes and having the excuse that everything is too big and I need more is always a nice thing.