Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm all set

Halloween costumes are purchased. Thank goodness. Thanks Heather , for the offer of the costumes. I was going to take you up on it because I couldn't find a dog costume online that Avery liked. Then, we were at Costco yesterday, and she saw some Disney Princess costumes. She said, "oh wow! I want to be one of those!" She chose Snow White because that makes sense with her light blond hair. I tried to talk her into Aurora, but she was having none of that. ☺ They had animal costumes for only $10 and I found a cow one for Peyton. I chose it mainly because he could say cow, but couldn't say giraffe. One of the other animals they had.

Tyler and Cameron decided on Luigi and Mario respectively and I ordered them this morning. They should be here sometime next week. I've never really done coordinating costumes. It happened on accident the year Tyler was Harry Potter and Cameron was a spider. It was around the time the "Chamber of Secrets" movie came out. It was just a happy accident that I kind of pretended was my idea all along. I thought about having Avery be Dora and Peyton go as Boots this year when I was having trouble finding a "puppy dog" costume. Unfortunately, the only good Boots costume I could find was over $40 + shipping. No thank you. That's just too much money to spend on a child's costume that will never be worn again. Anyway, I'm done. Ahhhh! Now I can relax. (And stop talking about Halloween costumes. ☺)


What's on the menu today: Burrito Casserole. This is one my kids will gobble up (relatively speaking) without much complaining.