Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday tunes Sep. 11th edition

  1. Creep - Stone Temple Pilots
  2. Canned Heat - Jamiroquai
  3. More Than Words - Extreme
  4. Fortunate Son - Creedence Clearwater Revival
  5. King of Pride Rock - Hans Zimmer / The Lion King Soundtrack
  6. Would I Lie to You - Eyurithymics
  7. A Little Less Conversation - Elvis Presley
  8. The Girl is Mine - Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney
  9. Jumpin Jack - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
  10. Do You Sleep? - Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories


What's on the menu today: Nothing! I'm going out to eat for our anniversary. The kids are going to get Ramen, macaroni & cheese, Spaghettio's, or whatever else is fast and easy. ☺


I also need to wish a Happy Birthday to my brother Josh and Ryan's sister Rachel (You can look at her blog, but she's kind of an infrequent blogger. Just so you know ☺.) Yeah, I'm a jerk like that and got married on their birthday. (I can't remember my reasons for choosing this date, but they must have been really good or else I wouldn't have done it.) They're the same age (32), were born in the same city at around the same time (I believe), just in different hospitals. Weird. (I felt I should use as many (((parentheses))) as possible in this short paragraph.)