Monday, September 14, 2009

I know I can do this one

Erin, a blogger I just love, has been giving herself personal challenges or goals the she will do For Just One Week. The idea is simple and the name says it all. Pick something you want to do, a goal you want to accomplish, etc. and focus on it for 1 week. I've tried a couple of times. The first time was to go a week without sugar. Dummy me decided to do that one the week of Avery's birthday. I faltered on that day and ate some cake and ice cream, but was good the rest of the week.

I'm publicly announcing my goal here in the hopes that I will be better. My goal is FJ1W I am going to read my scriptures everyday. (I'm totally copying Erin on that one.) When I say read them, I mean actually open the real book and read them as opposed to listening to them on my iPod. I plan on doing it for at least 10 minutes everyday. I'm also going to read something else everyday. A novel, a magazine, whatever. I used to be a great reader when I was younger, but I've slacked off. I need to exercise my brain a little more.


What's on the menu today: Mexican Pie.