Friday, May 6, 2011

Bad Karma

Yesterday I thought to myself, "wow! It's been at least a month since I've had a really bad headache!" Dum, dum, can guess what happened next. Within two hours I had a nasty, mean, vengeful headache that raged on for more then six hours. Remind me to never invite one like that again.


I blame this next incident that took place between my children and I on PMS. PMS on my part. I don't know what was wrong with my kids.

Tuesday night, I walked downstairs, only to find the family room a complete and total disaster. Now, senseless messes enrage me on even my best days, but this one particularly enraged me because I had cleaned the room just that morning. Everything had been put away. The carpet had been vacuumed. It was neat and tidy the last time I had been in it. Like, one hour before.

I immediately went into screaming banshee, mean mom mode. (Not one of my finer modes. It's not nice and really shows my lack of patience in very sharp, vivid detail. Don't worry. I work on it daily.) I started barking orders. I wanted that room cleaned up and I wanted it cleaned up NOW!

My kids starting whining and balking over having to do it. Each is always so insistent that they didn't make the mess so, why should they have to clean it up. My response is always, "well, the next time I decide to take my clothes off and leave them on the floor, or eat fruit snacks, cookies, cereal, or string cheese and leave the trash and then bring everything I own out of my bedroom and leave it in the middle of the room too, that's when I alone will clean up the mess!". They don't like it when I say stuff like that to them. Tyler, especially.

He started to get really mouthy. He was talking back and grumbling and being a turd in general. So, I had to leave the room. I went to do one of my quiet, relaxing activities (ironing) to try and regain my composure. Tyler found me and started mouthing off more. I shushed him a few times and told him to just be quiet because I didn't want to hear what he had to say. I tried to tell him that it was only going to get him in trouble. He kept trying, I kept shushing. I finally reached the end of my rope and screamed, "I don't care if what you are about to say is the most profound thing the world has ever heard and will change humankind for the better, forever and ever. I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT!". Again screaming banshee mode isn't one of my better ones. He did, however, stop talking. And yes, I did apologize later.


My kids find their own home to be extremely boring on Saturdays. They're forced to do chores! Gasp! Or, and this is even worse, go grocery shopping with their parents. They like to try and weasel out of those things by calling their grandpa (my dad) and asking if they can come play at his house.

He'll come and pick them up when they go over. They're usually crazy hyper and excited when they get in the car. So, he makes them play the "Quiet Statue" (see who can be quiet and stay still the longest) game with them. ☺

They went over about two weeks ago. They started the game as soon as he started the car. He said that Peyton lasted for about 10 seconds and said something like, "I CAN'T DO THIS! THIS IS RIDICULOUS!". Yep, that's my boy Peyton.

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Kristen said...

I just tried to push a "like" button... which shows I am on the computer waaaaaay to much.
Anywhoo, I do the screaming mom mode and I hate it when I do. I remember back to my childhood when my mom would do it to me and I would be thinking "Please just SHUT UP". I am sure my kids are doing the same thing in their heads and yet I still go off on stupid tirades. Yes, it is also something I am working on.