Monday, May 30, 2011

Fashion Sense

I've never claimed to have any fashion sense. Basically, I have none, but I do like to browse the internet, looking at clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry, etc. Especially when I get bored. Today, I'm really liking this swimsuit. I think it's super cute. I'm not sure if it's effective enough to hide my thunder, unfortunately. A large tarp would probably be more efficient to do that.
These shoes=fantastic. These remind me of an old librarian, but I still think they're cute. Finally, these might be a good choice to fulfill my desire for red shoes.
I'm kind of digging this dress. I think it would be fun with the librarian shoes. This skirt looks like it would be fun and just a little bit twirly.
I like way too many handbags. Like this one. This one. Oh, and this one, too. This could go on and on.
I think that's enough window shopping for today. If I start looking at jewelry like, I might start buying. ☺

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