Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Free Money

Cameron has been trying to earn and save money so that he can buy himself a laptop. (He's a very hard worker and when he sets his mind to earning money for something, he's quite good at sticking to his idea. I fully expect him to be able to earn a big chunk of money.) This morning, however, he told me that he's come up with a new plan. (Read: Tyler talked him into changing his mind.) He now wants to buy himself a desktop that he can keep in his bedroom. Okay, whatever.

This morning we has telling Avery and I that he and Tyler researched (on Tyler's net book) and found a monitor, the tower, mouse, etc. They've priced out everything he (Tyler) thinks he'll need. Avery said something like "that sounds like it will cost a lot of money. What are you going to do to earn it?" (I have to say that I was ironing a shirt for Ryan at this time and so I was really kind of eavesdropping at this point. So, I didn't hear Cameron's exact response, but I did hear Avery's.) She told him, "you should just go to the bank. Grandma Mackay goes there (to cash checks)and they give her $100 dollar bills." Cameron said, "Grandma isn't going to just give me a $100 dollars. I'm going to have to do something to earn it." She said, "well, yeah. She might not just give it to you, but the bank would. They give it to her all the time."


Kristen said...

Oh if it were that easy. I would be visiting my bank several times a day if they were just giving out money.

Becky Haskins said...

I love that!!! Kids take everything so literally!! That is funny. I used to think that was how it worked when I was a kid, you just go to the ATM, put the card in and money comes out. It never occured to me that people might abuse such a system!!!

Rosie and Derek said...

Tyler sounds like Ethan. He is very good at convincing Julia that she needs to buy things that *he* wants, and then he'll just "borrow" it.
And I love that Avery thinks you can just go to the bank and get money out, awesome!