Monday, May 9, 2011

Scary Fast

You know how women who live in the same household tend to sync up their menstrual cycles? (By the way, the thought of that terrifies me. I'm pretty sure that Avery already suffers from PMS. She's a crazy, emotional beast sometimes. What will she be like once she hits puberty? AAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! I can't even imagine what it will be like when there are 2 crazy, emotional beasts living under the same roof. Actually, I can and I know that it can be bad. ☺ That's right, Ryan, you should be afraid. Very afraid.) Well, I think my kids sync up their growth spurts.

Tyler has long sleeve shirts that fit him just fine in December, but are now short in the sleeves and length. Pants that were baggy at that same time, are baggy no more. He's needed 2 new, bigger pair of shoes since then and is ready to size up again. Standing next to him yesterday, I saw that the top of his head is now past my brows. He's going to pass me completely within a year.

Cameron's sleeves are short and he's gone up a pant size since December, too. He's always looked like he's all legs to me, but it seems really exaggerated to me right now. His feet have been maintaining for a while, but I expect that to change soon.

Avery's shirts are getting short in length. Pants that were baggy and a little long one her 2 months ago, are baggy and long no more. She's losing the last of her baby chub. Her 2 front teeth are almost all the way in.

Peyton has the same pants issues as all the others. I bought him a few new pair about three months ago. I bought them big so he could grow into them. They aren't big anymore. He's going to need new shirts in the next couple of months if I don't want those he has to look like belly shirts. His vocabulary is growing everyday. He'll be starting preschool in September. His pediatrician thinks it will help improve his speech. It's not bad, but there's a few words he has trouble with. Like, thirsty. He says, "bursty". I think it's funny. I'm not sure I want him to stop saying that one.

It's scary how fast they're growing up. I feel like they're changing right before my eyes, every second of every day. So, I'm reminding myself to enjoy the moments and love and live in everyday. If I close my eyes and don't enjoy it, it will be over before I know it.


Kristen said...

I know how you feel, I feel like I am always buying shoes, or pants for my kids. I like to pass them down but my boys are HARD on their pants and shoes so that is a no go. Shirts I can pass down but not the other. Remember how I always wanted 6 kids? That has changed now because not only are they hard on clothes but they are always hungry as well.

I hear you though... Landen is already 10, where did the time go. I'm afraid that if I blink he will be leaving on his mission...

Christa said...

We have the same issue with most pants. They're too worn out to be passed down. Cameron will take shirts from Tyler every once in a while, but still has his crazy aversion to hand-me-downs. I refuse to save them for years for Peyton. That's just ridiculous because all too soon, they take over all of your storage space. So, I just give them away.

Avery would wear hand-me-downs, but there's no one to receive them from. Oh, well. ☺