Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sweet & Sensitive Cameron

Cameron can be so sweet and sensitive. Today, Avery, Peyton & I walked over to the school to pick him up. He was standing on the grassy hill in the middle of the round about. I know that he saw us coming, but he didn't move. We got to the school sidewalk and I called to him. He finally came over to us and we turned right around to walk back home. I asked him how his day went, who his new teacher was, that sort of thing. He answered all the questions, but he seemed a little down. I asked what was wrong. He said that some girls in his class had cried because today was the last day. They were sad that they weren't going to be seeing Mrs. Schlappi anymore. I told him that was too bad, but it was good to move on and try new things. He said, "Yeah. I wanted to cry too. I felt like it, but I didn't do it." I'm so glad that he had such a great first school experience with Mrs. Schlappi. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher for Cameron. He's going to miss her, but he's excited to be moving on to bigger things.