Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I have decided there is a necessity for a disclaimer about my writing, spelling & typing abilities. I must apologize for any errors you may have found here. (You'll probably find more in the future:)) I am usually under the influence of at least one and sometimes more children. If anyone has kids they should understand. If I don't have one crying, I have one climbing on me, or I have one screaming up to me from downstairs. I almost always have someone demanding something and if you know my kids it's usually a life or death situation for them. They have all been blessed with my lack of patience. So, consequently, I don't always remember to use spell check. I just try to get my thought down as quickly as possible and then get away. So, I apologize for any spelling, grammatical or other errors contained herein. I'll try to get to them and fix them eventually. Just remember, I'm usually hearing "MOM! He hit me! He's lying! He choked me! I did not! I want some chocolate milk! etc. while I am doing this.