Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm a big kid now!

I have serious issues when things touch my neck. I CAN'T stand it. I get all flushed and nervous just thinking about it. My brother, Joshua, would torture me mercilessly when we were growing up. He would tickle my neck until I was so panicked I would just fall helplessly to the ground and flop around. He was truly evil. I've never really been able to wear jewelry, or should I say necklaces. I tried one on once thinking that I would be able to handle it because hey I was an adult and I should be able to. I instantly hated it because it felt too tight. I tried taking it off, but I had acrylic nails at the time and it made it a little difficult. I started fumbling and it got worse and worse until I was almost hyperventilating and having a panic attack. A friend finally came to the rescue and took it off for me. I was in such a state at the time that I can't remember now who did it for me, but whoever it was, thank you.

Well, I hosted a Lia Sophia show about three weeks ago. The hostess receives a bonus item for hosting. I decided to see if I had grown enough to try wearing a necklace. You know how I like to challenge myself. I chose one that adjusts from I think 15 up to 19 inches in length. I've always liked the one I chose, but was very afraid of it. I was having weird fever dreams about the silly thing for about the week and a half before I finally got it. Sometimes I would wake up in a panic trying to get it off my neck. When I finally received it, I was hesitant to put it on. I finally did and thought to myself, "I've made a huge mistake." I resisted the urge to rip it off and persevered. I wore it the entire day and amazingly enough, I survived. I was so proud of myself and thought, "Christa is cool!"

So, you have the option to purchase additional bonus items for hosting that you can purchase for a reduced price. I decided to try a necklace again and chose another one that I've always liked. This one is not adjustable and is only 18 inches long. It's just a chain with a toggle and is also quite heavy. Well, I love it and it hasn't killed me yet. I've feel that I've just grown so much. Before you know it, I may be able to handle it when someone touches my legs. More specifically my calves. (Another way that evil Joshua would torture me. He scarred me in so many ways.) Well, maybe that's asking too much and I shouldn't press my luck.