Wednesday, April 16, 2008

You're getting littler Gilbert! You're shrinking!

I knew there was a reason I saved some of my old pants. I had kind of "outgrown" them, but I thought that I might possibly need them again someday. So, during our laundry room cleaning adventure, I found the old pants. I tried one pair on that was a size smaller than the ones I was currently wearing and they fit! Needless to say, I was reminded again of just how cool Christa is. Yesterday, I thought that I'd try for another self-esteem boost. I got out another pair that was a size smaller than the first ones I put on and... they fit also. I'm so glad that this whole working out thing is working out. I still haven't experienced that "runner's high" that some people talk about. In fact, pretty much everyday at some point during my run I think to myself, "I really hate this." That usually happens when my feet cramp up, but I can work through it and then I get to a point where I think it's sort of ok. I'm about 5 pounds down from when I started this blog. I still want to go for at least another 15. If I do that, I can buy all new pants.