Friday, April 4, 2008

My dad has always called me Chrissie Pooh. It's pretty much the only nickname I've ever had that's stuck. Except my mom's family used to call me "Christa D". D for my middle name Diane. My dad will always ask my kid's "Hey! What's her name?" They'll usually answer "Christa" or "mom". He'll say "No, it's Chrissie Pooh." For some reason this name really annoys them. They also like to tease my dad and disagree. They'll say in response, "Grandpa, her name is Christa or Mom. Not Chrissie Pooh, so don't call her that." They're all very smart kids and they know that he's just teasing them, but they still hate the name. Apparently it's too embarrassing and silly to be uttered. Chrissie Pooh is what I have always been and Chrissie Pooh is what the name of this blog will be.