Wednesday, April 23, 2008

So, are you gonna take me there, or what?

Most everyone knows of the special place I hold in my heart for Mexican food. I craved it non-stop when I was pregant with Peyton. I craved anything spicy, but Del Taco was my food of choice. What can I say? I like fine dining. Plus, I'm all over anything that has a drive thru. I DO NOT like taking my kids into any restaurant when I'm by myself. I would go there at least twice a week while I was pregnant and in doing that I have created a monster. The monster is named Cameron. He asks to go there pretty much everyday. He tries to "reason" with me when I tell him no, by saying that there's just nothing good to eat at home. He won't eat anything at home. I'm a mean mom if I don't take him there. He won't like me anymore if I don't take him there, etc. You might be thinking to yourself that he really loves Mexican food also. Well, you would be wrong in thinking that. He only likes the crinkle cut fries that they serve there. He likes them because the Macho size is truly macho. It's served in a 32 oz. cup. You wouldn't know it to look at him, but he can eat every last one of those fries.

We went there today because we were out running errands and the kids were hungry. Cameron insisted on his favorite place and I didn't feel like arguing. He got his usual and I got Avery a medium fry as well. Avery ate maybe 1/4 of hers and Cameron ate all of his. When I went to throw away Avery's he nearly had a heart attack. "You can't do that! There's still tons of fries left in there. I can eat those." I told him he's just eaten a bunch. He said, "I don't care. I can finish those too." And he did.