Friday, April 4, 2008

Meet My Family

This is Cameron. He's 6 years old. He's
a very funny, quirky kid. He also very
sweet and sensitive. He loves to draw
and color. He likes to watch movies
and pretty much anything on Nickelodeon or
Disney. Especially Spongebob, Hannah Montana
and the Suite Life of Zach & Cody. He's a very smart kid.
He's testing at high levels. Being quirky can have it's ups & downs.
He tends to veer a little to the OCD side of things. So, combining
being smart and a little OCD can be a little interesting.
He likes to "help" everyone stay on task at school.
He also likes to help those at school and make
sure that they're doing their work right.
This is Peyton. He's 6 months old and is a great baby.
He likes bananas, sweet potatoes, rice, bread, yogurt
and many other baby friendly foods. He's a great sleeper
and has been sleeping through the night since he was just over
a month old. He's a sweet baby who can be very serious
at times, but is also very social. He loves it when people talk
to him and with the serious side, he will just watch for a while.
Then when he warms up, he has a huge grin and giggles.

This is Tyler. He's 8 years old. He loves Guitar Hero
and can play almost any song from any one of the games
in the expert mode. He loves to surf the internet. He likes
going to, & One of his
favorite activities is going to YouTube and watching videos of
people playing Guitar Hero. He is also a very smart kid. He tested
at a 5th grade reading level when he was in Kindergarten. He's up into
the junior high levels now.He always scores high in all subjects
and the real challenge with him is finding
things to challenge him. He loves watching movies and the same
kind of tv shows as his brother. He's very creative and is constantly
writing stories and song lyrics. His dream is to be in a band and
be a famous rock star.

This is Avery. She's 3 years old. She wants to be a Princess
when she grows up. She's actually said this. She loves to dance
and will be beginning dance lessons in September. She loves Ariel,
The Little Mermaid. She loves to play dress-up and loves to play with her dolls.
Since she's the only girl, I guess she does tend
to be a little spoiled. She likes to boss around her brothers and loves
playing with her dad. She is very princessy, but also loves to get out
and play with her brothers.

They're all such great kids with wonderful and individual personalities. They can make me crazy because patience is not something that I'm blessed with in abundance. I'm working on it. I try hard everyday to not get so worked up over silly stuff. They can also make me laugh like no one else can. They're all hillarious. I also think that they're all clones of their father. Tyler & Peyton might resemble me in ways sometimes, but all of them look like their dad the most. Oh well. I think that he's cute, so they turned out ok. I'm so blessed to have all of them.