Monday, April 21, 2008

On your mark! Get set! Go!!!

Tyler and Cameron ran the Salt Lake City Marathon Kids 1k on Saturday, April 19. They had a great time. It was a little crazy for us getting there due to roads being closed and sidewalks that were under construction. Anyway, we made it. Ryan ran it with them so that they would feel comfortable. We didn't want them getting nervous and stopping in the middle of the road. The crowd at The Gateway was huge and they were all cheering the kids on and giving them high 5's as they passed. I'm sure that it felt really exhilirating. They didn't time the kids and I guess that there was no real "winner". They were all winners just because they participated. They received a t-shirt and a pair of running socks just for signing up. Their school will also receive $2.00 for each of them because they participated. Once they crossed the finish line by the Olympic fountain in Gateway, they got to go to the Winner's Circle and they received medals. They both did really well and ran the whole time without stopping. They only thing Tyler really had to say was, "Hey, where did everyone get those popsicles and how can I get one?" We're very proud of them.