Monday, April 14, 2008

Small project, big impact

Ryan has been nagging me (asking politely) for quite some time, to organize the laundry room. I would say that every couple of months I clean it up in some way. I try to take out the garbage fairly often, but sometimes it's not as regularly as I think. I even sweep and mop the floor in there when I do get around to cleaning the room. However, with 6 people in my family, there's always laundry to do. So, there were always piles of clothes on the floor waiting to be washed and that made it difficult to do a terrific job. I just couldn't ever seem to get it looking very good. Ryan tried to help by buying a large shelf a few months ago so that I could stack everyone's clean clothes on it. It did help tremendously. The kids can either leave their clothes on the shelf, or take them to their rooms. Just as long as they're not on the floor anymore. This helped a lot, but there was still the problem of all the dirty clothes on the floor. So, while I was out to lunch with my friends on Saturday, Ryan took it upon himself to really clean up and clean out the room. He even moved the washer and dryer and swept and mopped the floor under them. By the time I got home, he was practically done. I happily helped him finish up. We bagged up a lot of old clothes so that we can take them to the D.I. Then the best part of all, we went to IKEA and bought 5 laundry bins to sort the dirty laundry into. It's the most amazing thing in the world. I can actually see most of the floor now. The kids are getting the hang of it. Avery especially enjoys it because it plays into her current need to sort and organize things. The hangers hanging on the shelf are separated by color and this was done by Avery. If she sees an empty hanger on the bar hanging from the ceiling, she'll ask me to get it for her so she can "put it back where it belongs." She really likes things to be in their place. Cameron is the same way. Everything on his shelf has to be placed there the way he likes, or he has a major hissy fit. Tyler really couldn't care less. I'm just glad to have even a little bit of organization in there now. Thanks Ryan.