Friday, May 9, 2008

All's clear on the Zoo front

Yesterday I went with Cameron's kindergarten class to Hogle Zoo. I drove and met them there because the kids, of course, took a bus. How exciting. I didn't feel like trying to take Peyton and Avery on the bus. That would have been a mess. So, driving was myself was just easier. Thankfully, it was a nice day. When we went last year with his preschool class, there was a blizzard and we spent most of the time holed up in the gift shop. By the time we left we were soaking wet. ("Soaped" as Cameron says it.) We had two other boys from his class with us and they were both really good kids. Cameron thought that it was hilarious that one of the black bears pooped right in front of us. I told him, "Hey, everyone has to. He just happened to have to do it while we were watching." Nothing traumatic happened. Everyone listened. No problems to report. Just a fun day. What a relief!