Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My boys "aim" to please

Any family with young boys will know exactly what I am talking about. Little boys and toilets don't go together. I have to wipe down the toilet in the kid's bathroom with a wet rag and some type of spray cleaner at least once a day. I don't know what they're doing when they are going to the bathroom, but it's obviously not paying attention to the task at hand. I've banned them from standing while they go because that's when it's the worst. I know that infringes upon their basic rights as a man. They were meant to stand while going, but that's when it's the worst. Oh, well. At least Cameron doesn't still come upstairs in the middle of the night to get me when he has to go. He would walk all the way up to my room to have me come back down and stand outside of the bathroom while he went. He didn't want me in there with him. In fact, he would lock the door and yell at me if he thought that I was anywhere near there. Then I would have to put him back into bed. Being OCD, everything would have to happen exactly the way he wanted it too, or there would be HUGE fits and it would take forever. The bathroom is directly across, and I mean directly, from his bedroom. They're only separated by about 2 1/2 feet. The hallway to be exact. It's not like he had a hard time finding it. It was harder to come all the way upstairs to get me. So, why I even had to be there I will never know.