Monday, May 19, 2008

Cameron's Excellent Adventure!

Today Cameron begins a week off of school. He actually doesn't go back until next Tuesday. This week gives the kindergarten teachers the chance to finish up all of the assessment tests and compile the reports. I have an appointment with his teacher on Wednesday to discuss the past year and where he stands now. We already know he's ahead, she'll just give me some ideas to help him, etc. He's thrilled about the time off. Tyler not so much. He railed against all the injustices of the elementary world this morning. Why did he have to go and Cameron got to sit at home on his butt? It wasn't fair. He planned on discussing it with all of his friends as soon as he got to school. He wants them to band together and start a revolution. No more time off for kindergarten and nobody else. I was actually slightly looking forward to this time off. It gets a little old taking them to school at 8:00 and then going back to get Cameron at 11:15. It feels like you just keep stopping and starting your day. We'll see how long it takes until I want him to go back. I'm guessing it will be around 10:30 today.