Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Scrapbooking at my house anyone?

My ward is having it's 2nd Annual Angel Auction for an Enrichment Night. You can auction off services, goods, etc. You buy the things using "Angel Bucks". (Is that the right term?) Also, Jillene, do you still want Ryan to play auctioneer? Last year I contributed scrapbook pages and baby receiving blankets. Someone, wink wink, told me that they really wanted them last year and were very upset that they didn't get them. She's hoping that I will do it again and that she will be able to get them this time. I guess I hope she does. If only to avoid the tantrum thrown last year when she didn't. I realized yesterday that the Auction is just 3 weeks away and I only have a few layouts done. I've done several, but if anyone is up to it, we can have a scrapbook night at my house on Friday, May 16. I will probably use the time to finish up some exchange layouts as well. Just let me know what you think.


Jillene said...

First--YES we want Ryan as the auctioner!! Do you want me to ask him personally? Second--YES I want to Scrapbook on the 16th. I am also auctioning pages and only have a few so that would benefit me greatly!

Bobie said...

Yipee!! A scrapbook night I can finally attend! I am so excited! I'll bring chocolate!!