Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday is a special day!

I usually try to get all of my ironing of Sunday clothes done on Saturday night. Sometimes it happens, sometimes not. I actually did it tonight because I have ward council meeting tomorrow morning. I like to have it all done and the clothes all laid out for Ryan so that he can help the kids get ready. I don't leave any room for guessing or questions. Ironing never used to be one of my favorite things to do, but I actually enjoy it now. Isn't that gross, but I can't stand it when my kids/Ryan's clothes aren't ironed. I think that it's very obvious when it hasn't been done. The shirts just don't look as good as they could. I've found that I really like Magic Sizing. It does exactly what it says it does and that's make ironing easier. I find ironing relaxing because it's quiet. My kids don't think it's fun and so they don't hang around while I'm doing it. Ryan had me teach the young men in our ward how to do it when he was the president. There were some boys who really needed some help. I have no idea if any of it got through, but at least we tried to plant some seeds for good grooming and dress. Ryan's kind of uptight when it comes to men's dress clothes. I guess I am too. I like it when my husband and sons look put together and nice. Like the belt should match the shoes. The socks should match the pants or at least be dark (in my opinion). This is actually one of my pet peeves. When boys/men wear white athletic socks with dress pants. It looks TERRIBLE. The tie should reach the belt, not above it, not below, when it's tied. Also, both of us can't stand short sleeve dress shirts. They conjure up images of fast food restaurant managers. Don't believe me. Next time you're in McDonald's or something, look at what the manager is wearing. A short sleeve shirt and a tie. Enough of my preaching. Just remember, this blog is the world according to Christa.